Asset Management is a system which creates opportunity to effectively manage business resources such as equipment fleet, vehicles, aviation (aircraft, helicopters, etc.), ships, buses, freight cars and trucks, agricultural and electrical equipments, likewise human capital, intellectual property, financial resources. Asset Management is the optimal method of achieving efficiency in such areas of business.

Thanks to Asset Management system it is possible to remotely manage houses and villas, as well as equipments stored inside of these premises. Depending on field of activity, Asset Management's application functions may vary. For instance, the functions that will be implemented for the management of equipment of cleaning companies cannot be the same with electric devices that is going to be used for a lease by companies that have own electric equipment (the number of tools; devices are in use, remaining in the park, in the need of repair, will be purchased and etc.)

Therefore, Asset Management offers an inevitable way of solution to protect the business from unnecessary risks by introducing an individual approaching method for companies which have heavy & light machinery, equipment and vehicle.