"Machine to machine" system is explained as the interaction among machines and more comprehensively its English explication similarly defines it as the data transfer between equipment (gadget, devices) under unilateral and bilateral orders. During the monitoring of wired and wireless set and shift in important parameters (temperature, location, inventory levels, etc.,) on various devices, data delivery at the time of occurrence is considered highly vital in many cases.

In this regard, there is continuous need for this technology and its utilization areas are expanded.

  • Security system
  • Health Care System
  • Banking sector
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Water resources
  • Environment and natural resources protection
  • Industry and Energy
  • Vending, etc.

M2M's working mechanism proceeds by transmitting information which is received from sensors or radio set and converted into digital signal. In modern world GSM network and its actual means GPRS/EDGE, CSD/HSCSD and SMS are commonly used data transferring channels. For this reason, today "mobile to mobile" content assumes more importance rather than "machine to machine". The biggest advantage of this system is that it creates system where human intervention is not required.